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2018 Seasons Concerts

Concerts on the Hill take place under the stars each Friday and Saturday evening on the Lucky 7 stage at Cherry Hill's Grants Gultch from June 15th through September 1st.

The gates open at 8:00 pm and the concerts start at 8:30 PM and finish at 10:00 pm.

June July August September

15th: Mountain West Chorale

16th: Alpine Highway

22nd: Assembly 6.0

23rd: Vision

29th: Kenadi Dodds

30th: Christina Edland

           & Irv Nelson

6th: Ophir Creek

7th: Rythym Junction

13th: Mint Condition - Canceled

14th: Relic

20th: Hilary Weeks

21st: FlashBack

27st: A Toast to Bread

28st: Emily Summerhays

           & Friends

3rd: Cold Storage

4th: Freebairn & Friends

10th: Code Blue

11th: James King

17th: One Punch Opie

18th: Red Rock Country

24th: City of Enoch

25th: The Rockwells

31st: Ophir Creek

1st: Pladdohg